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EST 1918

Twisted Roots Hard Cider

2015 Twisted Roots Hard Cider

Josh Ruiz, winemaker for Twisted Roots Wine set out to find himself a cider worth talking about which culminated in the birth of Twisted Roots Hard Cider. He wanted to taste the apples, much like you taste the grapes in his wines, without all the added harshness, bitterness, and yeasty flavors of the ciders he found. So he decided to stick to his "Roots" and set out to make cider that strayed from the norm. See our website for more info, CLICK HERE


Twisted Roots Hard Apple Cider...... Because why not! Born out of necessity, this European style cider has become a summer time classic.

Production notes


To make our cider we use unfiltered, unpasteurized juice from

Washington state then ferment the juice with both

Champagne and Ale yeast to give the cider different

flavors. We use only "Eating Apples", which is different than traditional cider makers.

We do this to keep our cider light and crisp, without all those harsh/bitter tannins, some ciders can have. 

Varietal CompositionProduced with the following apples:
Golden Russets
Granny Smith
Red Delicious
Volume0.9 liter
Cases Produced50
Twisted Roots Hard Cider
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